Friday, 10 June 2011

MUA PRO range review & swatches

So Ive been so looking forward to the release for the new MUA PRO makeup, the launch date was June 4th I believe as I was on my Spanish getaway I was worried I was gonna miss all the good stuff but thankfully my nearest superdrug (wood green) that was carrying it had a good amount of stock, yaaaaaa!!!!!

with my basket in hand i decided to buy ------
              eXtreame metallic: Ccelebrity                          
                                           Show Stopper                                          
               Trio eyeshadow:   Blue Base
                                          Chocolate Box
               Mosaic Bronzer: Natural Glow                       
                                         Sunkissed Glow
               Nail Quake:        Broken Arrow
         Eyeshadow Palette: Heaven & Earth
 eXtream voulum Mascara: Extream Black

a total  of 12 items, my initial first impression is great packaging great price (£2.50-£4) how can i go wrong.
The consistency of quality is very good across the range, I have not tyred out the nail quake yet so I'm not gonna comment on them.
NOTE: at present superdrug wood green does not have testers so my purchase were all brought on a risk and hope that if this company can sell really good eyeshadow for £1 then what must there PRO range be like I ask you?

The shadows that i chose to buy all a have a pearlesent undertone shimmer to them and the three colours go very well together,they are very pigmented and have a beautiful sheen to them as you can see in the picture (NOTE the shadow was applied directly to my hand with no base or  primer and is 1 swatch) I can see myself using these trio's allot this summer and well into the winter when im sure MUA will bring out more colour ( hopefully)

In this picture I have purposely blended the colours with my finger ONLY  to demonstrate how easy the shadows are to blend which is very easy

eXtrame Metallics:
These have 4 stripes of colour in them and again are very creamy and easy to apply out of the 3 that I brought I think I like STARSTRUCK the most the pink colour is actually a pinky/gold colour and is absolutely gorgeous. 3rd swatch down

Mosaics Bronze;
These for my skin tone are too light to use all over my face but i do like how they look on my skin so i shall be using them for my cheeks, again these have a velvety texture and give a good depth of colour due to the mosaic.( unfortunately my camera never picked the colour up to well so I have not posted swatches)

eXtream Mascara:
Now out of all the 12 products I got this is a miss for me, :(  I naturally have long eyelashes but have no volume so I hoped this would be good for me as its a volume mascara, Sadly it failed UNLESS I was willing to apply 3-4 coats (because of my baby I don't have time to do) :( BUT I MUST SAY the BRUSH is AMAZING its thick and well packed, it separates my lashes great so I will 100% be using the brush on its own.

VERDICT: over all i really like this new line from MUA the colour pay off is amazing for a budget shadow  I have used MUA'S £1 range and this is a great step up and the feel of the shadow is much more better as my biggest tip to you all out there is to buy a good primer and these wront move all day.( use UD.)
The price range is £2.50 - £4 and the colour range is so varied the looks are endless, and as the shadows are of good qulity these are great for everyone newbies & pros
FINAL WORD: 9.5/10

12 eyeshadow staches in heaven and earth
very nutural colours not to shimmery everyday colours
very smooth to apply

NOTE: the 2nd colour down is a light blue
I hoped these swatches helped you


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