Saturday, 14 May 2011

loreal hip paint eyeshadows and crayons

Hello gals so I've been looking for loreal hip eyeshadow paint tubes for a while now since really taking a interest in make-up over the last year been I've been watching YouTube videos and reading reviews.
so then I started looking at prices and were i could buy them from? the main place was good old e-bay with the cheapest being a UK seller for £3.99 for 2 +99p p&p so that's £4.98 for two, but was still unsure if i really wanted to buy 2 tubes so i carried on my search'# and found a website called
They sell them for £1.75 each

Above are 5 of the 6 colours available at time of writing this.
I got my ones last week and have been using them since then these are great paints and don't move once dryed they make a really good base or on there own. but I'm sure we've all know this :) &  for this price i think I'll be stocking up as loreal don't sell them over here.
Also this site sells the loreal hip eye crayon for 99p each I also have these and let me tell you these are 100'% water proof they are just great
just wanted to share with my gals on great buys that I've found
hope this was useful for ya xxx
note in NO WAY am I affiliated with this site I just wanted to share a great bargin with ya

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